Discover what you can do.

Your capabilities are endless when you pair innovation with discipline. We believe in these two principles at LGS. They guide us in everything we do. When you partner with us you will get nothing less then our very best.


The quality of our products are judged by their ability to perform the task they were designed for. For this reason we source the highest quality materials, tools, and skill. From the start to the finish our entire process is based on creating products that perform.


The application of our products are only limited by the systems we implement to create these great products. Our systems are designed in a way that meet the requirements and then go above and beyond to deliever the perfect products for any application.


The posibilites of our products are only limited by our imagenation. There is no limit to our innovation because it is fueled by our discipline to get it right and our passion to create the highest quality products you could ever need.

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Develop your plan.


Your goals and challenges deserve a plan that will rise to meet them with excellence and foresight. We take great care in developing plans in order to perfectly suite our customers needs and deliver a superior product that meets and exceeds all the standards set before it.

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Learn the history of the gasket.

Learn the history of the gasket.